Jade Starr
She Devil Vixen
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Measurements: 32B-24-31
Birthplace: Columbus, GA
Jade Starr's Official Web Site
satan's blood slut
blood vamp
fetish cow ghoul
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Sexuality: Bisexual (Mostly attracted to women with the rare exception)

Turn-ons: Dark makeup, long hair, tattoos, piercings, vinyl, latex, fishnet clothing, thigh highs, corsets, candlelight, very high heels, open mindedness, and confidence (but not conceitedness).

Turn-offs: Close-minded people, conceited people, smelly people, people who come on too strong, impatient people, nosy people, liars, two-faced people, guys who slow down in their cars when I walk by and make stupid ass comments, jealousy, and bodyhair!

Favorite bands (In no particular order): Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Genitorturers, Ghoultown, Snake River Conspiracy, Slipknot, Garbage, Hole, Vamp Star, The Drive, Jack off Jill, Madonna, Diva Destruction, The Cruxshadows, Static-X, My Ruin, Fear Factory, Kittie, Marilyn Manson, Guns N' Roses, Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper,Rob Zombie, Switchblade Symphony, Murderdolls, Halfcocked, NIN, Nirvana, The Last Dance, Apocalypse Theater, Nocturne, etc. Yes I know that these are all totally different types of bands but they all fucking rock!

People and things that have inspired me in my modeling and dancing: Bettie Page, Julie Strain, Madonna, Moulin Rouge (the movie), Lords of Acid, Genitorturers, Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Janine, Masuimi Max, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore, Shirley Manson, Praga Khan, my best friend and boytoy, Sera, some of my fans who have been there for me since the beginning and of course all the others!, Coop (The Artist), and most of all....The internet!!!!!!

Shit List (People and stuff that sucks!) Brittany Spears: Because she is responsible for so many fucking headaches and all those stupid brittany look-a-like clothes that stores are selling now (ex. those jeans that look dirty), Jimmy Fallwell: Because he 's a closeminded asshole!!, Skinheads: I don't think i need to explain that one, Creed: They suck and there responsible for opening doors for more shitty bands!, SisQo: Yuck!!! You suck!!, Carson Daily: For only playing shit on TRL and for being stupid, Most of my ex-b/f's and one of my ex-g/f's (you know who you are!!), Puff Daddy:Have you heard his music??, that old lady who preaches on tv on sundays: she annoys me, most christians: because there closeminded hippocrits most of the time!, those stupid special news reports that always interrupt a crucial moment on all my favorite cartoons!!, That bitch on E! (Joan Rivers) whose always talking bad about the way people are dressed and she dresses shitty herself!! and her ugly ass daughter!, Families who dress alike, any clothing with the american flag on it (I think that should be considered wrong or something!!!), Asshole Rednecks, Leanne Rhymes, Kid Rock (I don't care if you like him i don't!! this is my shitlist!!! ), celine dion (no explanation needed), mall cops (the lowest lifeform), Eminem (ugh!), Fred durst..the root of so many bad bands, the nasty strippers which give other better stippers like me a bad name, cops that don't do there job because there too busy picking on the weird looking people like me and my friends!!, Bitchy goth people who think just because the're *goth* they can't have a personality!!! Give it up!, Some of the bitches who work in little 5 points in Atlanta...they are just soooo rude...if your not in a band or working in there little store they treat you like shit..not all of them but most of them!..and that brings me to my next victims, I hate girls who fuck band guys just cause there in bands...its really pathetic and you think they would care more about thereselves but I guess not and don't they know that as soon as they leave that guy is gonna go laugh it up with his friends and I really don't blame them cause I would too!!, when people ask me if that hurt *points at lip ring*, when people at my strip club ask me if my carpet matches my drapes, when I'm at a club and a guy will start dancing up on my ass without even asking (don't they get the point when I run away!), when people bring there loud babies anywhere (especially movie theaters!!!!!) shut the little fuckers up!!!, when people ask me if I think there kids are cute...ummmm...no, when people tell me I'll grow out of that "being freaky thing", When people tell me I'll change my mind about not having children when I get older..if you read the above comments about my opinion on children.. you'll see that that is just not so!... ok..i will add more later im sure!!

Dorky Facts about Me (yes I have lots of them!): I love infomercials, I love the Animal Planet channel, I love those silly little teeny bopper shows like Lizzy Mcquire,Boy meets world, and Evan Stevens, I cut split ends out of my hair when I'm bored, I collect pictures of Drew Barrymore (I have thousands), I watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel religiously, I turn into superdork fangirl when meeting models I really like and actors and actresses (ex. I recently met Jonathan from the buffy the vampire slayer series and all I remember is blabbing on about how they shouldn't have killed him!)...more facts when I can think of them!
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