Ashley Renee

Ashley Renee in wild scifi bondage
Name: Ashley Renee
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 36D-21-34
Birthplace: LA, CA
Movie/Image Sets available: 8
Ashley Renee’s Official Website
Ashley Renee’s Fan Club
20929-49 Venture Blvd., Suite 644
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Porn Star Ashley Renee is a thick-bodied, round-bottomed, broad-shouldered, chest-heavy wild woman who has made a name for herself mainly in the field of specialty videotapes. She’s been a top nude model for the past six years, and her luscious body has appeared in most every boob-fixated magazine you can think of. Ashley Renee’s wonderfully full figure and willingness to go where few big-boobers tread have created quite a niche for this brunette beauty.
Ashley Renee may be known to you as Micki Marsaille if you’re a fan of cat-fighting videos. This Wild MILF has been in quite a few rough-and-tumble slugfests, including ‘Big Boob Conflict,’ where she takes on Stephanie Rage in a frenzied battle royale. With starring roles in flicks with titles like ‘The Fine Art Of Hairpulling,’ you know that this is one lady who can take care of herself.
Ashley Renee’s name can usually be found on bondage and discipline tapes, though. She’s one of the most recognizable dominitrixes in the business, with a wide following in the tie-me-up set. Ashley Renee has very rarely dipped her toes into the hardcore arena, but you can be sure that when she does, it’s with quite a sexy splash.

Ariel Carmine

Ariel Carmine holding alien baby
Name: Ariel Carmine
Height: 5′ ‘4″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Measurements: 34B-23-34
Birthplace: ?
Home Town: Los Angeles
Movie/Image Sets available: 3

Ariel X has recently burst on the internet scene, but her lack of "experience" isn’t what’s drawing in the crowds. This all natural diva lives a comic book character’s life, changing out of her whip-smart computer good girl outfits each day into some smooth and sultry skin under evening’s dimmed lights. Ariel Carmine’s raw attitude peers through her striking features, and, even at her most innocent, it’s clear she’s a white-hot tiger. She let us in on the secret life of a girl named X.

Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni busty glamour model
Name: Aria Giovanni
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 3D-25-35
Birthplace: LA, CA
Movie/Image Sets available: 2
Aria Giovanni’s Official Website

Bright and bubbly Aria Giovanni is one of our favorites with her natural beauty, glorious smile and uninhibited style. This famous model will endear herself to your heart and all your naughty dreams. As smart as she is beautiful, Aria Giovanni exemplifies the complete package. This self-driven beauty has all the confidence and self-esteem to drive her right to the top and straight into your heart. Get in line – this lovely model is sure to have her fill of lust-filled fans soon.
Glamour Universe brings you the hottest women in the world and Aria Giovanni is a prime example. We travel far and wide looking for the most attractive girls and when we met Aria Giovanni, we knew we had found something great. This pretty young beauty is sure to be a wide-spread sensation – and we’re sure you will agree. One look at this fresh-faced lovely with her shapely curves and impressive style and we know that Aria Giovanni is going to go far.
Centerfold Aria Giovanni will enchant you with her evident beauty, sweet disposition and will weave her way into your heart and dreams. Gracing the covers and
pages of many popular magazines, Aria Giovanni knows how to show off her shapely curves and taunt you with her feminine wiles for your ultimate satisfaction. A true professional, Aria Giovanni is a class act who never fails to inspire and satisfy her legions of world-wide fans, and now Glamour Universe brings her elegant beauty straight to you.

Aria AKA Marie Silva, Maria Silva

Aria AKA Marie Silva, Maria Silva
Name: Aria AKA Marie Silva, Maria Silva
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: ?
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: 36-26-35
Birthplace: New England
Movie/Image Sets available: 5 +
Aria’s Official Website

Welcome to my world…..
A world where dreams are made reality, and your fantasies are mine to play with…….
Oh, to give pleasure to the lust of minds!
To fulfill the secret pleasures of the imagination!

I tingle at the thought…


Aprella in scifi erotica
Name: Aprella
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Black w/ Green
Eyes: Hazel / Brown
Measurements: 32B-24-32
Birthplace: ?
Movie/Image Sets available: 3
Aprella’s Official Website

I absolutely love to collaborate with brilliant artists that have an antiqued and/or futuristic style with a story to tell. I have worked in front of and behind the camera. I have enjoyed time as a photographer, stage electrics tech, and started modeling at the age of 14.

TATTOOS: Small brightly colored man/sun on inner left ankle. Celtic design that fits to the shape of my back from my left shoulder to the base of my neck then mirror imaged to my right shoulder.

PIERCINGS: Small Lip ring on left corner of bottom lip. Small barbell center of tongue.

Anna Mills

Anna Mills stripping fetish corset
Name: Anna Mills
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 105 lb
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green
Measurements: 34B-24-36
Birthplace: Russia
Home Town: Laguna Nigel, CA
Movie/Image Sets available: 10 +

Porn Star Anna Mills is a lithesome lovely who brings real erotic intensity to every scene she stars in. She’s a honey blonde dazzler with a wonderfully round backside and a set of small yet perky breasts that lend her a certain youthful allure. It’s Anna Mills’ eyes that you’ll remember long after watching her, though, deep and dreamy and capable of pulling anyone into their sexy spell.
Anna Mills made her hardcore debut in October 2002, easing her way into the scene with a couple of amateur flicks in which she performed on a strictly solo basis. From there, Anna Mills’ carnal career has branched off in two directions. Most often, she stars in fetish features of various kinds, delving into all manner of kinky fun in naughty non-sex roles. Her fetish flicks include ‘Leatherbound Dykes From Hell #20,’ ‘Rubber Klinik’ and ‘Sole Seduction.’
Anna Mills’ other career finds her as a passionate porn performer who usually works exclusively with other women. Among her best flicks is ‘I Love Lacey,’ in which Anna Mills hooks up with luscious Lacey Duvalle in a feverish poolside plunge. In ‘Pussy Sweat,’ Anna Mills joined Cherry Rain for a lesbian dust-up that’s a must-see for fans of youthful erotic exuberance. Anna Mills actually hooked up with a male performer in ‘Real Swift’ when she and aStephanie Swift joined forces with Randy Spearsfor a torrid threesome.
Anna Mills seems to have drifted back out of the hardcore scene for the time being, leaving behind a legion of fans who have fallen for her leggy, lusty appeal. Although she’s only appeared in less than twenty fetish hardcore features, each one of them sizzles with real passion and fire.